Benefits for the Architect

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Benefits for the Architect

  • The correct selection of fittings
  • A clearer definition of the project.
  • The correct calculation of the financial budget.
  • The scrupulous observance of standards is ensured.
  • Resources are saved.
  • Constant advice on locking plans.
  • The conclusion of the project is also ensured.

Benefits for the owners

  • The correct choice of fittings is absolutely guaranteed.
  • Anti-intrusion security guarantee.
  • The correct design of evacuation systems.
  • The perception of the building’s quality is vastly enhanced.
  • It allows for an easier maintenance in the future.

Benefits for the construction company

  • Coordination in the supply of fittings.
  • Advice on the mounting.
  • Efficiency: one single interlocutor.
  • Monitoring in order to ensure the correct performance.