How and where ASSA ABLOY Solutions was born

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ASSA ABLOY Solutions was born in 1986 in Madrid. Called Idasa at the time, it was an autonomous enterprise 100% funded by TESA. The main aims of this company were the development of both hospitality-oriented channels and electronic equipment, and the easy integration of masterkeyings in locking plans.

Thanks to contacts with various architects and the clear ambition of finding a method that would help us improve the specification of TESA products, Idasa’s key ‘Product/Service’ was born in 1987: THE LOCKING PLAN.

In 1991 TESA decided to integrate Idasa as an engineering division, therefore ceasing its activities as an autonomous enterprise. This clearly shows how TESA was oriented to the integration of a group of experts with its already existing team, which allowed the latter to acquire the knowledge already developed by Idasa. The goals were focused on the introduction of the LOCKING PLAN as the key element in the selection of the correct fitting for every solution.

The management of Projects and Works is carried out by TESA since 1993 via EDOs (Expendientes de Obra, ‘Project Files’). Thanks to these, ASSA ABLOY’s Sales Network is able to manage its relations with architects as well as the whole project.

An important change occurred in 1999, when it was decided that Idasa should have its own network of sales managers, thus creating true experts in the field.

Another important change occurred in 2014 when the Project & Specification teams gained autonomy in several regions always counting on central team support and expertise.

Nowadays ASSA ABLOY Solutions is focused on specifying ASSA ABLOY products by including them in the LOCKING PLAN. A follow-up of the projects is also undertaken in order to prevent the inclusion of non-certified products, or products that do not meet current standards. This is the result of the close cooperation between the specification department and the sales network.